Florence Academy of Fine Arts – FAFA for short – sets Florence High School apart as a school on the move!

Knowing that the arts cut across all aspects of life, enriching and challenging along the way all who participate in them directly or indirectly, the staff of Florence City Schools determined that it was time for FAFA to enter the scene.

FAFA just celebrated it’s third birthday and during these first year’s of growth we have watched the program grow from approximately 550 students enrolled in 30 classes in five areas of Fine Arts to almost 1,200 students enrolled in 116 classes in nine areas of Fine Arts. The growth has been amazing, but more amazing has been the growth of our students and our student body. We traveled from a 68 percent graduation rate to a 96 percent graduation rate across the board in all categories!

Arts can and will make a difference in the emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the average child. The faculty, administration and staff are dedicated to developing the entire child with emphasis on body (through involvement in athletics), mind (emphasis on learning and being the best academically they can be) and heart (through the arts we balance the child, through a nurturing and development of the creative spirit). Florence Academy of Fine Arts offers the opportunity for the student to express and realize their dreams in all areas of Fine Arts.

The time has come for you to discover FAFA for yourself! Enrollment is always open and there are no fees for out of district students.
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